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Battle of Trenton by R'lyeh Imaging | Flintlock Riffle more deadly per capita than AR-15

Flintlock rifles were more than twice as deadly per capita than AR-15s!

In order to fulfill their agenda of societal change, liberals, statists and Marxists resort to logic that escapes those of us with lesser minds. They lock onto odd, carefully selected statistics that distort the truth and seek to make their obviously false purposes seem reasonable. ┬áNote that the information included herein is indeed accurate, as […]

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How to Mislead When Telling Facts

Helena Ubinas of the Philadelphia Daily News was featured on CNN presenting her experience purchasing a weapon. The big point of this article is that it took only 7 minutes to buy an AR-15. Note, however, she defines that as starting when she turned over her id. That means she had already selected the firearm […]

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