How to Build a Team

I use this outline to teach church teams the principles of team building.

Note – this is not the only possible way to get maximum output. This is how to build the team. The best team, operating at 80 – 90 % output, is more than good enough. Team Building is based on respect and trust.

1. Get the Best!

  • Get  team members who are better than you.
  • Get specialists (and train specialists!).
  • Make sure that you, the leader, are the dumbest guy in the room.
  • Seek them out, be watchful for them. Always look for great members to join your team.

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate

  • Stay in touch with your team. Use frequent group sessions.

3. Buy team loyalty with your loyalty

  • Back them up; fall on your sword for them.
  • Cover for them. Don’t hang them out to dry.

4. Enable them

  • Get your team members the tools for which they ask!

5. Be straight with them

  • Give your team members the real situation. Secrets and make-believe scenarios prevent your team from doing their utmost.
  • Let them know the limitations with which they must live.

6. Do everything you can for them

  • Lunch with your team. Fellowship with your team members.
  • Sacrifice for them. Servant-leadership is essential.

7. Learn from your team

  • Listen to your team members. Recognize that team’s strength is in team members’ individual gifts, skills, and creativity.

8. Honor their needs

  • Make life possible! Respect their families, their working and learning styles. and their individual identities.

9. Let them be brilliant

  • Never dampen or dull the efforts and ideas of your team members. Let them shine.

10. Promote them

  • You will lose team members to bigger and better projects. That’s OK! They have work to do and projects to lead. Help them reach their dreams.
  • Remember: you’ve got more good people (we have waiting lists)!

11. If someone wants to leave, make it easy for them without malice.

  • Departures should not be negative.

12.  Don’t give up command 

  • Pull your weight.
  • Do your job. Be diligent.
  • Fill in team members’ jobs when needed.
  • Set the goals.

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